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Your Mod

A little about this community
Its basically, as it states...a community for vegans who live in West Virginia. Whoever wants to be in this community is automatically accepted & i encourage you to promote this community to other vegans and or people who are interested in veganism.

After joining, state a little bit about yourself...or anything about veganism as you wish..(articles and such).

Have fun!
About your mod

My name is Holly, i am a proud vegan/lesbian and am located in Clarksburg,WV (about 20 minutes from Morgantown). I am 16 and a photographer. I enjoy music by Mogwai,The weakerthans,Alexisonfire,The postal service,The #12,Modest Mouse,The fire theft,ZAO,Everytime i die,Walls of jericho,OTEP,my ruin,The blood brothers and many more...In my spare time i go to shows & love to draw, paint and observe people.
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